THESE ARE FAST, LOW COST, AND LAST-MINUTE LESSONS FOR YOUR TODDLER you can put together in hopefully a creative way so your child(ren) can learn about the gospel!

I know I am not the first mom to think, Wow, my oldest child is a Sunbeam in primary, or I have a toddler, and our family really needs to start having actual FHE lessons! But what kinds of things can we do with their level of intelligence and attention span?

I've done research on Pinterest and Sugerdoodle and found many moms with their own blogs saying the same things. I have decided to reiterate and solidify what my son is learning in Primary Sharing Time because it will help him learn to go over what he learned the day before again. At this age, repetition is key, right?!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Will Follow Jesus Christ By Being Baptized and Confirmed and Keeping My Baptismal Covenants

Sooo sorry! I'm a sinner! lol But no, we were moving and I can't tell you how much I thought, oh no, I need to get a post done...and it never got to happen. But finally this weekend we got internet, so I can actually use the computer to start up again!

SONG: When I Am Baptized

If you didn't do the whole "dirty hands" when you sin, and clean them when you repent object lesson, do that  to show what happens at baptism. Or do it again, because they are young and forget!

After baptism, we're not done! To stay clean, we make and keep covenants, or promises to God.

So to help your young child understand what a promise is, or covenant (a two-way promise), have them do this activity:

I like role play. So take two puppets or figures, or even your hands with eyes drawn on them...and have one of them be the parent and the other, the child.

Mom: (Comes up to child) Hi there! Wow, look at this mess! Your room has toys everywhere. Tell you what. If you PROMISE to clean your room, I PROMISE you can play outside. That is called a covenant.

Scenario 1:
Mom: Did you clean your room? Let's go check.
Child: No, it's still a mess. I didn't put away my toys.
Mom: Ok, you didn't keep your PROMISE. That means you can't go outside and play because you PROMISED to clean your room and you didn't.

Scenario 2:
Mom: Did you clean your room? Let's go check.
Child: Yes! I put away all my toys, just like I PROMISED!
Mom: Great! Because you kept your PROMISE, I PROMISED you could play outside. You may go!

What are the PROMISES we make at baptism?
1. Take Christ's name upon us (become a member of His church).
2. Aways remember Jesus.
3. Keep His commandments.

What are the PROMISES God makes with us at baptism?
1. He will give us the Holy Ghost to be with us, 
2. forgive us when we repent, 
3. and let us live with Him again.  

After explaining a bit about each one, here is a board game you can play to help them think of ways to keep their baptismal covenants. Find the original link and instructions here.


But HONESTLY, I think it's too complicated STILL for my 3 year old. So I'm going to modify it. I will use the tiles in our hallway as "spaces" to a "human board game." My son will have to make it from one end of the hall (baptism) to the other (keeping his covenants to finish the game) and "make it back to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus."
Here are the spaces, modified (for my son, and things he needs to work on). I'm just going to put them on cards and have us pick a card for our turn. I'm hoping with enough turns (maybe going through the cards a few times during the game), we'll all reach the end of our hallway!

  • I read the Book of Mormon every day. Move forward 2 spaces.
  • After arguing with my friends, I say sorry, and ask for their forgiveness. Move forward 1 space.
  • When we have family home evening, I don't listen. Move back 2 spaces.
    I don't fold my arms or close my eyes during someone else's prayer. Move back 1 space.
  • I help my brother get water when we wants more. Move forward 1 space.
  • I ignore my mom when she asks me to help put away laundry. Move back 1 space.
  • I am happy to go to Primary and learn with my friends. Move ahead 2 spaces.
  • I pick up something someone dropped on the floor and give it back to them. Move forward 1 space.
  • I hang a picture of a temple in my room and make a goal to go there. Move ahead 1 space.
  • I say my prayers in the morning and at night. Move forward 1 space.
  • I sit still and am reverent during the sacrament. Move forward 1 space.
  • It’s been a busy day, and I’m tired, so I don’t pray. Move back 2 spaces.
  • I want come candy in the store and my mom says no, so I scream and cry. Move back 2 spaces.
  • My friend asks me to play on Sunday. I invite him to Primary. Move forward 2 spaces.
  • I follow the prophet. And I sing the song! ;) Move forward 2 spaces.
  • I don’t listen when my dad reads the scriptures to me. Move back 2 spaces.
  • I help my mom clean the table. Move forward 1 space.
    I help my dad in the garden. Move forward 1 space.
  • I pushed my brother and made him cry. When mommy asks if I hurt him, I say no. Move back 2 spaces.
  • I share my toys with a friend. Move ahead 2 spaces.
  • My mom asks me to help my brother. I say no. Move back 2 spaces.
  • I watch only church movies on Sunday. Move forward 2 spaces.

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